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Sgt. Maj. Thomas Foster (Ret)

Board Chair

Colorado Native; Thom was born and raised in Colorado, growing up in Summit County. He spent his younger years on the ski slopes, hiking, and summer camps in the Rocky Mountains. After graduating high school in 1981, he bounced between construction jobs and college. Seeking purpose and adventure, and coming from

a family of military veterans, Thom enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in 1990 where he spent the

next 30 years.

Thom began his Marine Corps career in Military Law, however 9/11/01 changed his focus to
combat arms. In 2004 he was assigned to the Coalition Military Assistance Training Team in Taji, Iraq
where he was charged with training Iraqi Commando Teams in Urban Warfighting (MOUT) and Room
Clearing Tactics (CQB). 2006 took him to Ramadi, Iraq where he was a senior leader with a Special
Operations Capable Unit, 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines responsible for clearing and reclaiming the city from enemy insurgents. In 2013 Thom was once again in combat in Afghanistan as the Senior Enlisted Advisor for 2nd Marine Aviation Wing, leading over 2,500 Marines, soldiers, sailors, and airmen. He led Marines and soldiers into some of the most difficult and austere conditions around the world. Between combat deployments, he continued combat training exercises, leadership education, personal education, and public speaking. Thom ended his Marine Corps career as the SgtMajor at Marine Aviation Weapons Tactics Unit (MAWTS-1) leading up to 5,000 Marines through desert condition air combat exercises twice a year.

Recently retired, Thom now spends much of his time motorcycling, skiing, hiking, snowshoeing,
and camping in Colorado's great outdoors. He also enjoys opportunities to inspire the community by
sharing his military experiences with others through public / motivational speaking engagements. Together, he and his wife, Kari, have 3 sons and a daughter and 4 grandchildren. Two of his sons followed their father into the Marine Corps. Thom’s passion is service within his community by assisting veterans dealing with PTSD, 

isolation, and transition as well as Gold Star families struggling with the loss of their loved one.

Sgt. Shawn Storeby

Chief Operating Officer

Shawn has always been one to lend a helping hand and support a good cause. Born in North St. Paul Minnesota he was a midwest boy and Vikings fan at heart with the drive to do more with his life.


In 2004, right after high school Shawn decided to join the Marine corps and right after graduation, off he went. Shawn served 9 years in the Marine Corps as an 0331 machine gunner, 8563 MCIWS (Marine Combat instructor of water survival), scout swimmer and a 0369 Platoon Sergeant. In those 9 years Shawn had the life changing opportunity to travel to 12 countries including a combat tour in' 06-'07 with Echo Co. 2/4 to Ramadi Iraq. 


After 9 years of military life, in 2013, Shawn decided to change gears and get out of the Marine Corps to start a family with his amazing wife Lauren and to pursue his college education. Shawn worked hard to earn 3 associates degrees in 3 years while working a part time job. Three years later Shawn became a father to his first born son, Braxton, when life began to transform. He and his wife decided to sell their home in California and move out of state to a place they had never visited, except what they saw on Google! This move took them to Fort Collins, CO and it was exactly what they were looking for to bring their "American dream" to life, raise their family and start a new adventure. It was their goal to open a sandwich and beer bar in Fort Collins Colorado, and that's when the next chapter began.


Ironically, 13 years later on the same day Shawn shipped out for the Marine Corps he and his wife opened Snack Attack Specialty Sandwiches & Brews! Their mission and purpose was to serve the best sandwiches, paired with the best local craft beers and most importantly build CommUNITY! Now 5 years later they have done just that, especially with the love and support from the Fort Collins community especially, during the pandemic. 


It has always been Shawn's goal to integrate a veteran specific non-profit to give back, but more so to focus and help his brothers and sisters who have also served in the United States military. Shawn has deep respect and gratitude for his time in the military that he feels the drive to giving back. If he hadn’t joined the military, he wouldn't be where he is today. He understands the challenges and struggles veterans face transitioning from military back into civilian life and wants to be a part of the recovery for his fellow veterans.


Life has a funny way of coming full circle and reconnecting relationships. Shawn’s first sergeant in Iraq, Thom Foster, decided to move to Fort Collins, Colorado after retiring from his 33 year Marine Corps career. While chatting over sandwiches and brews they realized they shared the same vision of creating a support system for local veterans and saw the need for basic and fundamental needs in the Northern Colorado region. Through building a commUNITY network of partners, offering resources and mentorship guidance their goal is to keep local veterans on the road to success and thriving in their everyday lives. Once again, Shawn asked Thom to join forces with him to help create and operate this non-profit... that was when Honor Street was born!


Cole V. Wise

Chief Strategy & Financial Officer

Adversity is no stranger to Cole. At two years old, he lost his biological father due to a tragic accident and at 12, he lost his stepfather, of whom he was very close to, due to a massive heart attack. Being the primary caretaker in the household, Cole assisted his disabled mother and younger brother to whatever extent possible.


Regardless of adversity, trials, and tribulations, Cole was actively involved in high school arts, community, and civic service activities. With a servant leadership mindset, Cole worked to do his part to make his community better.


Wise grew up on the northeastern plains of Sterling, Colorado where, after high school, received a full-ride scholarship from the Daniels Fund to attend any accredited university in the nation – a competitive award only granted to 200 students in four states focused on leadership, character, and civic engagement. Cole attended Colorado State University and served in many leadership capacities including Director of Governmental Affairs, Chief of Staff, student body Vice President, and a student member on the CSU System Board of Governors. Cole managed a $56M student fee budget and ultimately led the university to not increase student fees for the academic year he was responsible for them. Cole earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and International Development.


Post-graduation, Cole served in various professional capacities at Colorado State University as an Executive Assistant in the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, the Scholarship & Student Program Manager in the College of Liberal Arts managing university-wide events like RamWelcome and Commencement along with a $500K+ scholarship budget, and ultimately moving to the University of Colorado Boulder serving as the Directing Advisor where he supervised professional state classified staff and established a professional advising program for the CU Student Government. After working in higher education for several years, Cole moved on to be a strategic execution consultant at WorkBoard, a tech-start up in Silicon Valley, and now serves as the Corporate Strategy Execution Lead, leading global quarterly internal strategy planning at Pax8, a five-time Inc. 5000 global tech company based out of Greenwood Village, CO.


Cole’s passion to advocate, support, and defend veterans comes from his role models - Grandfather Walter F. Unrein “Normandy Invader” of the U.S. Army during WWII and his late father Danny Roth, of the U.S. Navy.

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